Invited Speaker

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Dr. Abdullah Uz Tansel
Professor of Information Systems
Paul H. Chook Department of Information Systems and Statistics, Baruch College and The Graduate Center
City University of New York, USA
Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University, Thailand


Throughout the history, exchange of trusted information among people played an essential role in every aspect of their lives: socially, economically and politically. Blockchain is an innovation in database technology for keeping temper proof (trusted) data in a permanent, immutable, decentralized, global, and trustless ledger. It is a relatively new field that combines distributed computing, databases, networks and cryptography and is rapidly evolving. It allows people, organizations and machines to digitize their current relationships as well as forming new secure digital ones since data is disclosed, secured and recorded differently in a blockchain database system. Moreover, a paradigm shift is taking place where individuals, organizations and machines are being empowered in a strong system of digital identity in managing their data and their interactions. At the same time, seamless and prompt inter-organizational data flow and data sharing are reshaping the organizations and their collaborations, both public and private, from supply chains to finance, as well as in other domains. In this talk, we will introduce the blockchains as a database and cryptocurrencies as one of the applications of this innovative technology. We also cover permissioned blockchains and how they are used in data integration in inter-organizational collaborations.


Abdullah Uz Tansel received his BS in management, and his MS and PhD degrees in computer science from the Middle East Technical University, in Ankara Turkey. He has also received his MBA degree at the University of Southern California. After being a faculty member at the Middle East Technical University, Dr. Tansel joined Baruch College, the City University of New York (CUNY) where he is currently a professor of information systems and also a professor of computer science at The Graduate Center of CUNY. Professor Tansel’s research focus is on temporal databases and he has made significant contributions in this field. He also headed the editorial board that published the first book on temporal databases ‘Temporal Databases: Theory, Design, and Implementation’ (1993). Dr. Tansel has a patent on adding temporality to RDF. His research interests are Database Management Systems, Temporal Databases, Semantic Web, and Blockchain Databases. Dr. Tansel has published many articles in the conferences and journals of the ACM, IEEE and other associations. He is a frequent speaker on time in databases and blockchain as a database. He is also a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society.